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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Main Sequence

High above the ground
above the orange pink lavender freesia
layers of sunset
that lie behind the black palm trees
past the languorous eucalyptus trees
and the hovering moths that flicker
and past the collage of sounds
rising from the earth the blacktop
the chanting crickets
the warm-evening conversations
the clink of glasses
the traffic sounds
muffled by years-deep foliage
beyond the indigo richness
couching the pearl of moon
beyond breath
beyond reach
and beyond
a blaze a fury
of silence
heat of polymension
thickening in the mass of time
a glitter
a pretty
a diamond
an ancestor

A "main sequence" star is a star in its prime, emitting light and heat (and like most things, 
shrinking toward middle age…)


  1. this is beautiful, thank you for taking the time to write it, and for sharing so that others may read it...
    you are an inspiration :)

  2. I love this poem, K! I have many main sequence-type stars in my life, but my stars emit a brilliance that never shrinks and will always shine their brilliance upon my heart and soul. My stars are my Dragonslayer, my children, beautifully inspiring friends, people I only grazed minds with on a whim -- those who have forever changed me by giving me glitter and allowing me to sparkle.

  3. My family experience was a primary inspiration for this piece. My brother, an astrophysicist, has often been my learning benchmark. I took a basic astronomy course, which I enjoyed very much. I think I wanted to impress him by having understood a small piece of his work. (Yeah, I'm the dim bulb in my family…)


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