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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Songs of Motherhood

IV. Word
(to my mother)

To thank you enough
I have finally found my way
            (my truth, my life).

I give you this oath
(which is your gift to me):

Although for every hour by which
I have shortened your life,
I would gladly give in trade
a day of perfectest joy,
instead, I will redeem
every minute of grief
you ever spent on me.

It is my griefs have saddened you most,
and ever having saddened you is my most grief.
I will set now all griefs aside;
I will be now as happy as you always hoped.

I have known you
longer than I have known breath
from the inside, out,
and still have barely the gist of you
(curious and humble,
grace seeking grace)
who gave substance to my idea,
knit me together
from threads of your own fabric,
then passed the needles on to me.

I give you this oath
which is now mine to keep
(your gift to me)—
and every day will now become
my mother’s day.


  1. Sometimes I hate it when you make me cry, Kathryn.

    1. Still, I never regret when you stop by to read! XO


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