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Friday, May 18, 2012

Guest Post! Erin M. Feldman

Watching and Waiting

We are watching the emptiness fill. No,
we are waiting. Waiting
and watching.


We can hear the waves lapping
against the hull. We forget the man
in the bird’s nest.

He is waiting, watching.


Or, we are seated on the porch,
drinking tea and eating - something.
We ignore the woman

drifting closer, the woman
waiting and watching.


Or, we pretend the sky isn’t pressing closer,
isn’t sticking to our skin with its yellow-
greenness and moisture.

We can still breathe.
We can still wait.

The emptiness is not filling.
We are watching and waiting.

Erin Feldman works as the marketing communications manager at TouchSystems,
but her passion is to grow her writing consulting business, Write Right. She has her Master of Fine Arts degree in creative writing and her Bachelor of Arts degree in English and graphic design. When she isn’t busy working at her day job or building her business, she reads and writes poetry, draws, runs, or tries to find people to go salsa dancing with her.


  1. Oh, Erin - this is lovely. each line riding a wave to the next - watching and waiting.

    Truly lovely! :)

  2. Erin! This is such a gorgeous poem. I love the theme of waiting and watching. It speaks to me of a foreboding of something to come, but not yet...not yet.

  3. I love this poem and so glad you have Erin as a guest here - I have been following her blog, enjoy her writings.


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