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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Portrait: The Princess In Exile

"Maybe"—yes, small doubts there,
Even though she was born knowing. This
Ladylike creature remembers
In her bones lifetimes as a queen,
So this life feels unfamiliar,
Scanter of domain,
And somehow harder work.
          Making a silk purse of a sow's-ear situation, as
          Only the true royal can, she
          Reconnoiters a new path to a different throne,
          Affirming her nobility.


  1. Love the line "Reconnoiters a new path to a different throne" because it's so true - we wake up every morning trying to juggle work and home and kids and love and all of it and always, always, there is that still small voice that says, "whatever became of my glass slippers and crown?"

    This is lovely, Kathryn!

    1. Thank you, Ruth! Your kind and specific comments always encourage me—I feel the good fortune of having such an attentive reader who is willing to relate so personally to what she reads! I always see something different in a piece after you comment. (If I can't have a crown, I'll settle for a manicure and massage…)


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